About Balance the Journey

In life we have to balance our lives, friends, family, and our work. The destination is always changing, and that’s why the journey is what makes it so memorable. As a wedding photographer, I am always looking to capture that journey to make those moments last forever.

Hi! My name is Joey Fink, and my wife, Lauren is my trustworthy assistant who is always keeping my head on straight. We have two beautiful daughters that definitely keep our hands full. We came up with the name “Balance the Journey” because, in the past we have always kept our eyes on the destination, but failed to realize that the journey is just as important. During whatever journey we are on, we have always found it important to keep our balance. Life can be stressful but also a blessing, and everyday we try to find the beauty in that. As a wedding photographer, over the years I have managed and learned to anticipate what will happen and will always be ready to capture that next beautiful moment.

I hope that we get a chance to meet and talk some time! We would love to meet up over a cup a coffee and to talk about what your special day. We hope to hear from you soon!

Joey Fink Portrait 20177 June 30, 2017


Joey Fink

Photographer – Balance the Journey