Scottie + Elizabeth Vasquez Wedding

I had the honor to photograph this couple wedding not to long ago. I have been grooms family photographer for a few years capturing the kids senior photos, and family portraits. It was amazing to see how far they have grown up, and now making their own family. They did an intimate first look, in which they shared their personal vows and it was something very special to cherish.

Culinary Photography

Lately I have been swamped with work that has been out of my wheel house. Ive come to the realization that when put in a different situation you need to learn to adapt or you will get left behind. I have a long history with wedding and portrait photography, but until recently I have been requested to photograph a lot more food for advertisement. While I have photographed food in the past, it has not been anything that I have really pursued or enjoyed. Just recently I have found a new love for it. I am find motivation from other photographers and love to experiment with building the frame to compliment the food. I look forward to expanding these horizons and going further into this journey. I cant wait to photograph (and eat) more tasty culinary creations.

Maribel Maternity Session

Its always an amazing experience photographing a maternity session. Its something that I don’t do very often, but when I do it reminds me when my Wife and I were pregnant with our two girls. The mommy to be was definitely glowing and ready to have their baby girl Leia. Congratulations you two!

Chase + Melanie Proposal

I had the honor to capture this special moment when Chase proposed to his girlfriend Melanie. We have been in the works of how and when for some time, but had to push the proposal up sooner then expected. We had a small window to rehearse where I wanted to chase to be when he proposed. I was really excited to see this play out as I have only done one other surprise proposal session. To say the least it was perfect, and of course she said yes. Congrats you two and cant wait to see you guys get married!

Anthony + Tawnie Cano Wedding 2017

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays as a kid and as an adult. But when you have a wedding thats so close to halloween it was a no brainer for these two to make it a themed just that.  This had to be the most unique and amazing wedding I have gotten to experience. The details that they spent on the decor down to the grooms socks were all on point. It was a really fun night that will definitely be remembered every halloween.