To a new beginning…

As a photographer in the wedding industry, you would want to set yourself apart from other photographers. I wanted a brand and a name that makes sense to me and to all of my clients. We all come from different backgrounds, and different families. What brings us all together? I believe it has been the journeys that we have taken to bring us to where we are now. Balancing our own challenges, triumphs and defeats is what makes us who we are. Sometimes we focus so much on the destination that we often forget to enjoy the journey. We learn to balance what is important to us and that is why we decided to name our new brand “Balance the Journey”.

We hope with this new this new brand, and outlook on our lives, we can have a deeper connection with our clients. We want to be able to create the memories that we all can cherish. From our family to yours, let’s enjoy this new journey together.

Joey, Sawyer, Lauren, Greyson.

Fink family photos 201718 July 30, 2017



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